Kara Miller


GoDaddy tells me that I have a story to tell and this is where I am supposed to do it, so here it is.

The family website was fun to build. We use it quite often to share the Rocky Road Fudge Bar recipe. One thing led to another with it and the children and I started to talk about converting it to a business site. We posted a few links and realized that we all had a lot to learn.

So, one day we were sitting in the Waffle House and we came up with the idea of publishing a Resume Help page. We came home and got to work reading, learning and narrowing down the best options that were available all of the time keeping in mind that when somebody is out of a job they don't have money to throw away on books.

As a team, we were proud of our accomplishment. We knew people that needed employment and we had felt completely useless to them. At least this way, we could give them some level headed help. It has been amazing how many people have benefited from our publishing that page. It is reviewed on a fairly regular basis and I'm confident that it is still useful. To me, the best part is that the information provided is free.

Helping people get a job was great but, the children wanted some cash in their pockets and I needed to support the cost of publishing the website. We established GHC so that we would have more exposure to the world. Publishing a website is work. It requires more thought and dedication than most want to commit to and the children have never been convinced of the ROI so they took jobs and that left me to work at GHC.

For the past year I have worked alone at GHC supporting American businesses. I truly enjoy helping businesses connect with each other and doing advertising for them. Granted, I am one person but, I see a lot of successes. That's the upside. The downside has been that I have seen an increase in the number of visits to the Veterans' pages on GHC. 

With the increase in activity on GHC's Veterans' pages, I thought I should publish a site that was more specific to  veterans but, you need to give a website a name and all of the really cool vet site names are taken. My creative genius side sent me to GoDaddy and the first name I thought of was mine. KaraMiller.net it is! You all know me as Kara Miller and this is me on the net doing what I do.

Thank you for reading my story.

-Kara Miller