Kara Miller

Today, I discovered the Big History Project. The Big History Project is a joint effort between teachers, scholars, scientists, and their supporters to bring a multi-disciplinary approach to knowledge to lifelong learners around the world.

It's obvious that I will be studying this for a while!

Everything about education fascinates me. I believe that we are all life long learners and that each of us has ability that is required of us. Perfection is not always necessary to fulfill my purpose.

The science of the brain seems to be one of the most overlooked science. Cognitive science consists of multiple research disciplines, including psychology, artificial intelligence, philosophy, neuroscience, linguistics, and anthropology. It spans many levels of analysis, from low-level learning and decision mechanisms to high-level logic.





​I hear many complaints about workplaces and employment. Typically when something doesn't seem quite right there is a law that supports your argument.

Read the U.S. Employment Opportunity Commission  poster that should be posted at your place of employment. If it is not, your organization is in violation of the law.