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I have no idea why the quotes appear on my GHC Twitter feed. It is not like me to claim such brilliance and I cannot even say that I agree with them all.


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Just edit this element to add your own HTML. https://semperfifund.org/

I think the Amazon Smile donation program is difficult to locate and often misunderstood.  Choose a charity that you would like Amazon to donate to.  You shop,  Amazon gives.   

It's like throwing pennies into a jar but, those pennies have added up to millions of dollars for charities listed with Amazon Smile!   I have chosen to donate those pennies to Semper Fi Fund but, the recipient of choice can be changed any time I place an order. 

Veterans, please click here to access pages published especially for you. This is a work in progress that is in the early stages. You can find addition information at Georgianna Hardware Corporation

All organizations  continually run fundraising campaigns to support their efforts. Monetary donations are always appreciated but, there are times that sharing a tweet, linking to their website, or shopping through the AmazonSmile program can make a difference too. Please take a moment from your day to support them.

Thank you.

Follow me on Twitter @KaraMillerNet.   GHC and KaraMillerNet are both always a work in process.  

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