Kara Miller

The idea of Chef Pierre pies is great fun but, if you are hungry, you're hungry. If you are in need of food, the Georgia Food Bank Association lists

food banks throughout the state of Georgia.

Food banks do not distribute food directly to those in need of assistance; they provide food to over 2,000 agencies in communities throughout Georgia. If you need assistance, please click the “get help” link for your area.

This site is also an excellent source for you to make donations.

I never knew that I could order Chef Pierre pies online! The more time that I spend doing the math and considering the time, effort and money involved in making pies of any type, the more likely I am to buy them through Amazon. The pie shown is chocolate cream. Simply slice the frozen pie and let thaw. You are guaranteed to have happy guests at your party!  Visit the GHC page to order.

Look What I Found!!!