Kara Miller

Veteran Podcast

In casual conversation with friends, I refer to the guys from

the Whiskey Jar Productions podcast as, "The boys."

It's a game that my husband and I have played for years.

I have never met Salty, Trag or Stedbro but,

I share part of my Saturday nights with them. 


I am old enough to be the mother of at least

one of the boys but, none of them need that.

Their purpose is to be there for other veterans.

​I was younger than these guys when my dad was

diagnosed with PTSD.  I wrote about it in my

blog entitled The Thing To Do years later.  

There are groups such as the VFW and

The American Legion that are open and

available to help veterans and their families.

 Whiskey Jar Productions is just another group of people

that have been there and understand. 

The boys haven't thought about it but, it's the thing to do. 

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